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About the CSISS


The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS) is an interdisciplinary research center chartered by the provost and affiliated with the College of Science at George Mason University, Fairfax VA, 22030, U.S.A.
CSISS currently operates Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards (LAITS)

CSISS is a member of National Committee on Information Technology Standards Technical Committee L1, and a member of Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

CSISS Misson:
* To conduct world-class research in spatial information science and system.
* To provide the state-of-art research training to post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. and Master students in the field.

CSISS Research Focus:
* Theory and methodology of spatial information science;
* Standards and Interoperability of spatial data, information, knowledge and systems;
* Architecture and prototype of widely distributed large spatial information systems, such as NSDI, GSDI, and GEOSS, as well as service-based spatial knowledge and decision-making systems;
* Exploration of new information technologies that have potential applications in Spatial Information Science (SIS);
* The applications of SIS in the society sectors having either national interests or major commercial values, such as renewable energy, location-based mobile services, intelligent transportation, and homeland security.



Office No.

Cell No.


Director & Professor

Dr. Liping Di


Associate Director & Research Professor

Dr. Wenli Yang


Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Ruixin Yang



Dr. Jie Zhang


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Changyong Cao


Dr. Hampapuram K. Ramapriyan


Dr. Liangzhi You




Dr. Zhengwei Yang

703-877-8000 X 145


Dr. Yuqi Bai


Dr. Pius Lee

Research Professor

Dr. Suhung Shen


Dr. Zhong Liu


Dr. Daniel Tong

Dr. Stefan Falke

Research Associate Professor

Dr. Peisheng Zhao



Dr. Genong (Eugene) Yu




Dr. Junmei Tang

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Gil Heo




Dr. Claire Boryan


Dr. Ziheng Sun



Dr. Min Huang




Research Assistant

Zhe Guo


Li Lin


Chen Zhang


Md. Shahinoor Rahman


Zhiqi Yu


Juozas Gaigalas


Haoteng Zhao

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Jianjun Bai




Dr. Liquan Qu




Dr. Jae Hun Shin


Dr. Xicheng Tan




Dr. Liang Liang


Dr. Hongxia Luo


Dr. Chao Zhang


Dr. Liying Guo


Dr. Lili Jiang





Dr. Hua Zhang


Dr. Xiaomei Zhang


Dr. Zhongxin Chen


Dr. Qunyong Wu




Dr. Zemeng Fan


Dr. Xin Mei


Dr. Junyi Liu


Dr. Xiaorong Xue


Dr. Jian Yang



Dr. Xiaochun Zhang


Dr. Jin Yang


Dr. Aiguo Zhang


Dr. Xuelei Zhang


Dr. Aihong Gai

CSISS Alumni



Office No.

Cell No.


Dr. Yuqi Bai

Tsinghua University

ybai1 at

Dr. Meixia Deng


Dr. Nengcheng Chen

Wuhan University


cnc_dhy at

Xuanang Cheng

ESRI China



xcheng at

Upendra Dadi



udadi at

Dr. Jianya Gong

Wuhan University


geogjy at

Dr. Chengfang Hu

Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute



hucf_2 at

Dr. Hui Li

China University of Geosciences



rslihui at

Dr. Peichuan Li

National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, China


pli4 at

Dr. Xiaoyan Li


301-713-2806, ext. 169


Xiaoyan.Li at

Prof. Lei Yan

Peking University



lyan at

Dr. Di Wang

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences



wangdicaas at

Pengqin Tang

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences



tpqin at

Dr. Dayong Shen

The University of Mississippi



dayong_shen at

Dr. Zeqiang Chen

Wuhan University, China



czq0119 at

Dr. Chao Yang

China University of Geosciences



ycgeoscience at

Lianlian He





Dr. Yonglin Shen

Beijing Normal University



yonglinshen at

Dr. Wei Liu

China University of Mining and Technology



Yang Liu

Google, Inc.




Dr. Lizhen Lu

Zhejiang University

    lulizhen21 at

Dr. Min Min

Huazhong Agricultural University



mmin2006 at

Dr. Xinlin Qian



Qianxinlin at

Dr. Xiaojuan Sun

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology



xsun3 at

Dr. Yaxing Wei

Oak Ridge National Laboratory



weiy at

Dr. Yingjie Yu

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Dr. Xiangru Yuan

Wuhan University, China


Dr. Dengrong Zhang

Hangzhou Normal University


zju_rs at

Dr. Hu Zhao



jhaohu at

Dr. Peng Yue

Wuhan University, China



pyue at

Dr. Huilin Wang



appwhl at

Dr. Chunming Peng



cpeng1 at

Dr. Barry Schlesinger





Dr. Weiguo Han




Dr. Yuanzheng Shao




Dr. Aijun Chen




Bei Zhang




Weishu Gong

University of Maryland College Park

Dr. Ali Levent Yagci

İzmir Katip Çelebi University, Department of Geomatics Engineering

Dr. Jia Song

Dr. Lei Hu

Dr. Lingjun Kang

Dr. Ranjay Shrestha

Careers at the Center
CSISS is an open center for all GMU researchers who share similar research interests. Researchers have total freedom to decide if they want to join or withdraw from the center. Researchers at CSISS also have total freedom to associate with other centers of GMU. CSISS welcomes GMU faculty members to join the center as faculty associates. All researchers at CSISS will have equal opportunites to access CSISS facility and resources.

CSISS Foundation
CISSS Foundation Inc is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity.
Click here to open CSISS Foundation homepage in a seperate window.

Contact Information
Please contact Prof.Liping Di, Director of CSISS:
* E-mail:

* Phone: 703-993-6114

* Fax: 703-993-6127

* Conference room: 703-993-6128

* Mailing Address:
4400 University Drive, MSN 6E1
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030

* Physical Address:
4087 University Drive Suite 3100
Fairfax, VA 22030

Featured Staff

Dr. Aijun Chen