ArcGIS Framework Extension


ESRI ArcGIS is a leading global GIS software. ArcGIS Framework Extension brings geospatial interoperability into the ArcGIS to allow the worldwide ArcGIS users to integrate and analyze distributed geospatial framework data. With the extension, ArcGIS users can now dynamically discover data and services  using OGC Catalog Service-Web,  interactively access to and display image data as raster layer using OGC Web Coverage Service and OGC Web Map Service protocols, and visualize and analyze vector data as feature layer using OGC Web Feature Service protocol. The extension also supports to save those distributed data into geodatabases. This project (2007 NSDI CAP) is undertaken by Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems at George Mason University (GMU CSISS) and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI).


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